Google Will Force All Android Apps to Allow its Users to Delete Their Data and Account

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Google is working hard to enhance users’ experience across many platforms and apps. The latest change includes something quite useful when using Google Play. The Play Store’s new rules will consist of something known as a data erasure obligation. Such a thing will make it simpler for everyone to delete an account, whether or not they’ve deleted the app. Well, that’ll surely work fabulously!

What does this mean?

The new Play Store thing being introduced by the tech giant will force apps to come with a “readily discoverable option.” That’s useful when you try to delete your account, both within the app and online. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Well, there’s more! The company also claims that the new feature is actually intended to provide consumers “more visibility and control over their in-app data.”

How will it work?

So, what Google will do is to make sure that we won’t have to redownload a certain app just because we removed it before we were asked for our account. The tech giant will soon add a special field that directs all users to the website for account termination to the Google Play Store.

Did you know: back in October 2021, Apple made a similar announcement; it became effective in June 2022? Although it does not require that users be allowed to terminate their accounts online, the App Store regulation contains comparable prerequisites and restrictions.

The new Google feature won’t take effect right away because this is a really significant update that could require some developers to put in some effort. Using Google’s current data safety form, developers will need to submit further details about their data deletion procedures by December 7 in order to complete the “first step.” Although developers will be able to request an extension until May 31st, 2024, users will be able to see how an app manages account and data deletion “early next year.” 

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