‘The Creepy Syndrome’ is Coming Soon to PC and Consoles – Watch Trailer

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Even as an experienced gamer, your jaw may drop as soon as you see what the upcoming ‘The Creepy Syndrome’ has to offer. It’s the name of a psychological horror and logic game that’s coming to both the PC and consoles this month.

Therefore, what exactly does the future game have to offer? You can get the answer to that question by reading what the Steam description has to say:

A psychological horror adventure game. Discover the four interconnected psychological horror stories. Explore different retro pixel art 1 bit to 8 bit environments in each of the stories. Discover the mysterious relationship you have with your psychiatrist. From a third person view in the purest retro style to a first person system reminiscent of old labyrinth games.

Luckily, there’s not much to wait for the launch, as we know that we’ve caught your interest!

‘The Creepy Syndrome’ launches on April 27

Starting on April 27, meaning a week from now, ‘The Creepy Syndrome’ will become available to the PC via Steam and the following consoles: PS4 and Xbox One. The news is brought by TGG, which means that there’s pretty much no use in having doubts.


The famous Steam platform even offers users the chance to download a demo version of the game to see how it would behave on their computers. This is a very efficient way of telling if your computer would run a game well or not.

However, the system requirements to play ‘The Creepy Syndrome’ on a PC are pretty low, as it’s hard to believe that there could be someone out there whose computer doesn’t qualify. It’s sufficient to have 1GB of RAM, a graphics card that has only 256MB of VRAM, as well as 500MB of available storage space.

What do you think? Will you have the courage to give ‘The Creepy Syndrome’ a try?

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