Comparing The Amazon App Store And Google Play Store: Which Is Better?

Every smartphone and tablet owner downloads various apps onto their devices. Most devices come stock with either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, third-party app stores are available from various companies, including Amazon. The Amazon App Store offers a large number of apps for Android devices today. Although it’s designed for all Android devices, Amazon Kindle and Fire Phone users will find the marketplace most useful.

Here’s a simple comparison of Amazon’s App Store and the Google Play Store:


Of course, all Android smartphones and tablets come with built-in access to the Google Play Store. Only Amazon’s devices feature the Amazon App Store by default. Enabling the app store on other devices requires giving third-party marketplaces permissions on each smartphone or tablet. From there, users will need to download the Amazon App Store, which doesn’t take too long. Google Play Store is available on millions of devices out of the box, which makes it far easier to access for most individuals.

Number of Apps

Currently, 750,000 apps can be found on the Google Play Store. Amazon’s App Store boasts under 100,000 apps available for download. Such a gigantic difference in total apps makes Google’s marketplace far more enticing for users. When searching through Google Play, nobody will have trouble finding the perfect game or productivity app. Amazon does offer a free paid app each day, though this doesn’t make up for the overall lack of apps. Google may very well hit one million apps before Amazon hits 100,000 apps.

User Interface and Navigation

Navigating through the Google Play Store couldn’t be any easier. Various search tools are available, and top app picks are available across every category. For that reason, users aren’t going to run into trouble while looking for new apps. Amazon App Store users can expect a clean user interface, but the navigation tools for finding apps are a little lackluster. A lack of apps once again comes into play here, and users might not be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Kindle and Fire Phone Users

However, Amazon’s App Store does prove to be an excellent resource for Kindle, Kindle Fire, and Fire Phone users. These devices are made by Amazon and can access its app store only. No Google Play Store is available here, but apps are optimized for these platforms. Therefore, an Amazon device user will find apps that are guaranteed to work flawlessly on their devices. Updates are pushed out regularly and are tailored directly for each smartphone or tablet in question.

Google Play Store The Clear Winner In Most Cases

For the most part, smartphone and tablet owners will find the Google Play Store to be superior over the Amazon App Store. One major exception is users that own a device manufactured by Amazon itself. Those devices are far better off getting apps from Amazon’s marketplace instead. Obviously, Google’s Play Store has been around for longer and offers a far wider selection. Users can still find some gems in Amazon’s marketplace, ranging from free apps to the occasional app not available through Google Play.

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