Comcast Xfinity vs Verizon FIOS – A Detailed Comparison on the Top ISPs

Making a choice to choose your television and internet service provider is not easy because the choices are many.

For those of you who are stuck between Comcast Xfinity and Verizon Fios, this detailed guide should help you make a final call.

The most important factors that help you make the final decision are the speed of the internet, the number of channels that they offer and the price structure which should be affordable enough to match your budget. Bringing all them together is not an easy task but you could actually try to balance them to your best interests. Besides, it also matters that what you pay is what you get because speed and choice of channels will obviously go down when you wish to pay really less for the services.

Movies, Television Series, if that’s all you care

Comcast Xfinity easily wins in this aspect because if you are someone who simply loves television too much, you can’t go wrong with their services. The service provider is your best bet if movies and television series are your most preferred medium of entertainment.

Of course, there is an internet connection as well but it’s not what makes you happy. With Xfinity, you can watch all the latest movies, series and VOD content. But, make sure you are not too dependent on Netflix or Hulu because Xfinity is purely for television buffs who don’t like internet content much. It’s as simple as that!

Internet, Gaming Buff, Techie!

For techies in your household, and if you personally love Netflix besides some occasional gaming, you don’t have to think because Comcast can’t fulfill your needs in this respect. They have this bandwidth limit which easily drops you out when you touch 250 GB of downloads and not the faster internet around.

The Verizon Fios on the other hand is ideal for tech geeks who spend most of their life online and love to hang out on Hulu or Netflix all the time for their entertainment needs. And, they have plans that offer the fastest connection in the area.

Some advantages of going with Verizon FIOS than Comcast Xfinity is that they don’t levy any extra charges for going over data cap and has better internet speeds while the choice of channels is a bit less. It is not available in every area but if you could get it in your region, you should go with it.

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