Clash of Clans – Upgrades Priority of Walls, Air Defense and Army Camps


Many players that start playing Clash of Clans don’t know on what buildings they should focus on and today we’re going to give you an idea on what building you will want to prioritize.

1. Walls

Some well upgrade walls will make a big difference at defending your village. They are also instantly upgraded when you want to level them up but it costs a good amount of gold, so you will need to save some gold for them. Having upgraded walls will “play” with the other player’s head and make him think twice if he wants to attack you or not.

2. Air defense 

If you have a good Air defense you will be able to stall a big assault and probably win it. They are great against Dragons, Minions and Angels.

It is very important to prevent your village from being invaded by hoards of archers, goblins and barbarians. In early Town Hall levels, you will want to prioritize the Mortar, mostly because of its costs and length of time of upgrading. But when you will have a TH level 7, you will want to prioritize the Wizard Towers.

3. Clan Castles

If you place Clan Castles in the middle of the village, you will have successful raids with early level troops, plus it takes lesser to build things.

4. Single Targets

If you have some free Gold, spend it to upgrade Tesla, but the construction time will take some time until it will be finished. Tesla is useful against Dragons, Golems, Giants, Pekka, Barbarians and Wallbreakers. In early levels, the Archer Towers must be prioritized as well, and at the TH level 8, you should do the same with Cannons.

5. Elixir storages and Pumps

First, prioritize Storage, then Pumps, because you have more space for resources when you raid. If you’re a player who doesn’t use to raid very often, then you can prioritize Pumps over Storage.

6. Army Camps

If you have more troops, then you’ll get a better raiding and more resources. You can raid more often and attack successfully tougher bases. With fewer troops you can attack only weaker bases.

7. Laboratory

Prioritize the laboratory and have a builder free.

8. Dark Elixir Drills and Storages

Prioritize them before TH8 and continue with Barracks as well, because you’ll have access to cool stuffs such as Dragon/Minion raids.

9. Gold Storages and Mines

Prioritize them in this order: storage, then mines, because when you attack, you get more resources using this combination: 20 Goblins, Giants, Archers and Barbarians.

10. Dark Elixir

Every time you raid, you get free heroes and you don’t have to train them continuously. To upgrade the Barbarian king, it takes 12 hours, and the respawn time increases by 4 minutes. The next priority – DE troops, but it depends on your raid tactics. In early levels, Minions and piggies are useful, but later, you should use Golems.


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