Mozilla Set to Limit New Features of Firefox Web Browser to Secure Sites

Mozilla still remains a top option when looking at the security aspect of web browsers.

When talking of web encryption, Firefox has been at the top of its game for years and it seems this is nowhere near the end.

According to a recent announcement by the company, it seems sites that enable HTTPS will be favored more than those with plain HTTP. This is aimed towards ensuring that security of sites and users remain the top priority of the browser. What this means is that only sites that are encrypted will be able to use the latest features of Firefox web browser. This will stop any insecure website from accessing or exploiting the full potential of Mozilla’s web browser.

Firefox to avail new features to secure websites only

Even though this might sound easy on paper, it is not an easy thing to implement. A lot of coordination must take place before this happens. This includes getting an OK from the community regarding the date of the update and after this is agreed, the set of new features will only be availed to those websites that are secure or encrypted. This coordination will also involve the decision on which features are regarded as “new” in the latest version that only secure websites will be allowed to access.

Changeover to be slow and gradual

According to a senior Mozilla official, it is possible that users of Firefox can still access features like CSS and a bunch of other rendering features even when using insecure websites, but they may not be able to access certain new hardware capabilities. The process will be slow and gradual and in the end, Mozilla will phase out any access to features of the browser when using a non-secure website. This is definitely good news for some sites, but it will break down some sites as well.

While the above limitations might seem a little harsh for some sites, the company is also considering a string of “softer limitations” on functions when using any non-secure website. This is already happening as far as microphone and camera access is concerned. Another thing the company will be looking at is a way to limit the scope of non-secure cookies. All these are aimed at ensuring that the web developing community out there sticks to being secure at all times.

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