“Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand” is Coming Soon to PC and Consoles – Watch Trailer

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If you’re into film noir-themed pixel-art ARPGs, it means that you should definitely give ‘Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand’ a try. It’s the name of an upcoming game created by Cereal Games and published by BadLand Publishing that’s coming digitally to the PC and consoles.

Those willing to play ‘Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand’ on PC can do so via Steam. If, on the other hand, you are more like the console type of gamer, you can safely pull out of the closet that PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch console in order to use it for playing Cereal’s forthcoming game.

“Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand” launches this summer

Without having a precise release date, we know for sure that ‘Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand’ will launch at some point during this summer.

Jonas Ek from TGG wrote:

The Spain-based indie games developer Cereal Games and video games publisher BadLand Publishing, are today very thrilled and pleased to announce that their film noir-themed pixel-art ARPG “Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand” (which is a reedition of the police action ARPG now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch), is coming digitally to PC (via Steam) and consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch) this Summer (2023).

Hailing from the beautiful Azores archipelago, Cereal Games is an independent game development studio working hard on their upcoming creation, Pecaminosa. This captivating Pixel Noir Game will immerse players in the enthralling narrative of John Souza, who is a former detective entangled in a world of deception and captivating femme fatales.

Embracing the charm of classic clichés, Pecaminosa delivers an experience that will transport players into a nostalgic realm.
We’re keeping an eye on the latest news about Pecaminosa: A Deadly Hand, so stay tuned for more news on the subject!


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