Watch Dogs – A Mystery to be Solved

Watch Dogs is the perfect game for action adventure game lovers.

Released in 2014, the game is based in the open world scenario. The developer of this popular game is the Ubisoft subsidiary company, Ubisoft Montreal. This hit game was released on all major gaming platforms in May 2014 which included the XBox One and PS4. It also has a Wii U version that has been planned for release in the fourth quarter of 2014. The game is essentially a single player one which traces a vengeful hacker searching for revenge in a city much similar to Chicago in the real world.

The game is played from the view of the protagonist who is a skilled hacker and the players don his role in the game while playing in the third person perspective. The players can then hack into the centralized system of Chicago and control the city. There is freedom in the game to play either as criminals or as the good guys or vigilantes. The game also has an online mode feature which allows you to play with your friends, up to eight at a time, and it increases the interest and competitiveness as players can play either against or with each other in teams.

Amazing Facts

Did you know that your mobile is your weapon and not only can you make the city go dark or control surveillance cameras but you can also overload headset of enemies? This is a really cool feature in a situation where Aiden has to tackle enemies stealthily. Also to your surprise, Watch Dogs has over 13000 unique animations! Every NPC in the game has a different animation and behavior.

And now one of the best features possible, Stealth driving! You must have heard about the different types of stealth mechanics but driving? Well, this is an awesome feature and can be used to tail someone without alerting anyone. With this unique feature, Aiden can also park his car on the side and listen to a conversation, and all this while sitting in the car comfortably.

Another very vital and interesting feature is that whenever you are in the middle of an intense police chase and you have the entire Chicago PD on your tail, you have the choice of hacking into their system and become totally invisible to the scanners and, hence, escape their gaze. Is that a great feature? It sure is.

It doesn’t end here, as there is another cool or probably one of the coolest hack features in Watch Dogs. Aiden is able to hack into the train’s security systems and override its controls and use it to escape out of a tight jam of policemen and other gangs as well as the factions.

Enjoy Music while You Play

Finally, the world of Watch Dogs is further enhanced with a soundtrack that fits the game perfectly. The best part about it is that you can continue to expand your collection of tunes.

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