Viber Tips And Tricks Which Should Be Known By All

A number of mobile companies have faced humungous losses ever since the launch of Viber because more and more people are installing it each day, to avail free voice calls. All that is required is a 3G or Wi-Fi internet connectivity to avoid lags, fade outs and cut off during the call. The following are a few features which will help in using Viber more efficiently.

Viber For PC

Yes, it is true that free voice calls can now be made through the PC as well. All one needs to do is install the app on the computer and link it with the registered phone number after which a code will be sent to the mobile device. After feeding the code, the app on the PC will become operational and that is it!

Smart Notification

Enabling smart notification is another feature which must be used. There are times, when people are sending constant messages or calling constantly, on Viber. This can be quite irritating, especially during the busy hours of the day. Making use of smart notification will enable the user to avoid such irritating messages, which frequently pop-up. What that needs to be done is

  • Enter the chat room.
  • Swipe to the left.
  • Enable the smart notification by tapping on it.

Changing The Background

Spice your conversations with the use of attractive background wallpapers. Using the same old background can get slightly monotonous at times, which is why this feature helps in brightening things up. There are a number of background images to choose from, plus, you can put up a customized picture from the gallery itself.

Switch Between Chat Rooms

If you happen to be busy with different conversations, do not waste your time by going to the main Viber page every now and then, instead all you need to do is swipe right and the entire active conversation list will be available. This will save you time and will allow you to reply easily.

Push-To-Talk Feature

The push to talk feature is Viber is a life saver. Now you do not have to type endless text messages, all you need it to press on the microphone button and record your message. If the other party has the push-to-talk feature on, the message will very easily be streamed, however, if they do not have this feature then the message will be sent as a voice recording.

Free Stickers

There are absolutely no expressions left in this world which have not been featured in the Viber emoticon list. Instead of typing your answers, you can easily make use of the stickers to put forward the message without having to type a single letter. Spice your conversation with the colorful and bright stickers, while some of them  need to be downloaded the preinstalled ones will suffice your need for picture messages. Just download and have fun!

Doodling Over Photos

This is a super fun feature where you can let your imagination run as wild as possible. You can take instant pictures from your phone camera or use images from the gallery itself. Editing the picture is really easy, all you have to do is:

  • Select the picture which needs to be edited.
  • Tap on navicon.
  • And get going with this awesome feature.

Viber Out Calls

This feature is very similar to Skype, as it allows Viber users to make subsidized calls to any phone number which is not registered on Viber. Making such calls requires Viber out credits, much like Skype credits, which can be bought from the application itself. The payments are made through the app store itself.

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