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When it comes to importing contacts from your phone to WhatsApp, then life could not be any easier. You see, the people behind WhatsApp are aware of the fact that a lot of people are perhaps not that technically minded and would have problems, or even lack the desire, in trying to organize their contacts and seeing who has WhatsApp and who has not.

The result is that they have decided to do all of the hard work for you and who would not enjoy having an easier life like this?

How It All Works.

If we presume that you have already downloaded the app from the relevant app store, then we can look at how you can import those contacts into WhatsApp. The main thing that you need to do is to give the app permission to check out your contact list and to do this you need to validate your phone number.

This is very easy to do and it is part of the setting up process as you will see a screen whereby you are asked to enter your phone number. It is important that you enter your international number, so that means including the country dialling code, and after you have done this you will be sent an SMS containing a verification code.

This code contains 6 digits and you have to enter this on the next screen to just let WhatsApp know that the phone with that number is the one that wishes to use the app. It then links your WhatsApp account to that number and that contact list. You only then have to allow it to search your list of contacts to get the rest of it to work and that is where the magic happens.

At this point, WhatsApp identifies the people on your contact list, via their phone number, and knows if they too have the app installed. It then imports those contacts into WhatsApp so you can check out your friends list and start chatting to them as soon as you are ready. It really is that easy.

So, to import your contacts from your phone to WhatsApp:

  • Make sure that you enter your international phone number as part of the verification process.
  • Enter the 6 digit code from the SMS into the appropriate screen.
  • Give WhatsApp just a few moments to scroll through your contacts and see who else has the app.
  • The people that have it installed will then appear in your WhatsApp contacts list.
  • You can start chatting immediately.

If only every app was as easy to set up as this, then life would be so much better. WhatsApp does all of the hard work on your behalf and the entire process just takes a matter of minutes from beginning to end. The fact that it scrolls through all of your contacts really is an absolute blessing as it saves you so much time as you would need to contact everybody on your own and ask them individually and why would anybody want to do that? Thanks to WhatsApp you do not have to do anything and can just look forward to chatting via the app.

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