Candy Crush Soda Saga – Tips and Tricks for helping you Keep Sane in Candyland

Candy Crush Soda Saga is the sequel to the highly popular Candy Crush Saga from King, which can be played through Facebook or also on the web.

The game involves matching three or more identical candies in order to achieve the goals mentioned in the levels. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you keep sane during those frustrating moments when you find it difficult to cross a level.

Bubble Bear levels

There is no point in merely matching candies mindlessly, as this is not the way to cross the levels in the Bubble Bear stages. You have to make the bears rise and float; so make matches that pop the soda bottles. This will make the soda bottles burst and the soda level rises. When the level rises, it also takes the bears along with it higher up, so don’t waste any moves and make a go for those soda bottles.

Frosted Bear Levels

In case of searching for frosted bears hidden within the ice, you have to start attacking the ice and making matches over it. Thick ice cannot be broken with just one move, however and you may have to make two matches in order to clear ice and get to the bears hidden within.

Frosted Bears are randomized

There is no point in memorizing the location of the frosted bears if you have lost the level once. The locations are randomized and the next time you play the level, the bears will be hidden in a different location. You have to merely attack the ice and keep an eye out for the bluish green shape of the bears hidden within.

Making Correct Matches

Instead of making matches all over the board, it makes sense to make matches right above the Bubble Bears in these stages. If you make the matches directly above them, it is more likely that it will make the bears float upwards. It also makes sense to make striped candies and match them, so that the bears rise vertically.

Number of Bears

You must also make a mental note of the number of bears that are to be freed in a level. Only one bear may show up at a time, but there will be other bears that need freeing; so you have to plan your moves wisely and not waste a single move.

Combining Power Candies

You may create powerful candies, such as a vertical striped one, a wrapped candy, a horizontal striped candy, a colored bomb and so on. It is rather tempting to use these power candies immediately, but it is better to wait for the strategic moment and use them in combination. For instance, you can combine a gummy fish with a striped candy or a wrapped candy in order to get an explosive impact. The effect will be more powerful when you use them in combination, rather than using them singly by themselves.

Using Color bombs

You can use a color bomb normally by combining or swapping it with another candy beside it. This will have the result of clearing all candies of that color from the board. However, this may not always be a desired objective of the game level. For instance, it could be more strategic to use the colored bomb to clear licorice, ice or some other barrier; so use it in such a way that it achieves the purpose or objective of that particular level.

Popping Bottles

When you pop soda bottles and the screen gets filled up, you must not stop popping them. Popping further bottles will result in the next screen being filled up, as the excess soda spills over to the next part of the board, so the Bubble bears can rise more quickly.

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