Viber Free Download – Stickers are Viber’s Attempt to Lure You to Chat with Your Friends

Viber is a great platform for communicating with people who are living far from you.

It’s also a nice way to keep in touch with your friends, no matter how close you are to each other. You can choose to participate in instant messages or make a voice or video call to someone. Viber is now one of the top mobile chat services and it is being used by hundreds of millions of people across the globe. These days when regular text messaging is slowly decreasing, Viber is a great alternative to the traditional SMS.

Only Requires Your Mobile Number

Viber is a convenient app that doesn’t require much information such as your email address or a username. You only need to register your mobile number to use the app. This way, your personal information remains private, all the while enjoying the many features that Viber offers. After putting in your mobile number, a text message will be sent to the number you provided with verification code. You just have to input the code before you can start using Viber.

Contacts are Automatically Downloaded

With Viber, there’s no need to add contacts manually. Once you have finished the verification of your mobile number, the people from your phone’s contact list who are already using the app will be added to your Viber contacts. The only downside of this is that you can’t filter the people who can send you a message. As long as they have your mobile number in their Viber contacts, they can send you messages.

More Advantages than Disadvantages

Despite not being able to control who can send you messages, Viber is a chat service that performs well that you and your clique can enjoy. For one, you can make a free voice call to anyone without worrying about phone bills and charges. If you want to see a friend who’s living far away, you can always choose the video calling option. And if you only wish to send messages back and forth, you can easily switch to instant messaging.

More than Text Messages

One unique feature that Viber has that its users are enjoying freely is the Sticker Market. It’s a service where you can choose from hundreds of stickers and download them so you can send them out to your contacts. Some of these stickers need to be purchased but if you don’t want to spend real money, then that’s fine as well – you can just choose to download from the free stickers instead. Of course, the paid stickers are more popular but the free ones are also adorable to view.

Stickers are Fun

Viber hopes that with its collection of stickers, you will choose to download and use the app instead of other chat services. It also makes every conversation more memorable, because sometimes you don’t need words to communicate with someone – images and colorful stickers are enough to get your message across the distance. With its hundreds of collections, you will find stickers perfect for each conversation.

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