Google Play: Is It Actually Free? Well, That Depends

Google Play is a multi-purpose content delivery platform for Android smartphones and tablets. Most users download their apps from this marketplace more than anything else. However, the Play Store features tons of media and related content. Movies, music, television shows, e-books, and even periodicals are available here.

All of this content means that users can find exactly what they’re looking for, no matter what they desire. Fortunately, a lot of these items are available for free, and Google Play comes without usage fees.

Is Google Play 100% Free?

In general, Google Play is free to access, and some content is available free of charge, but that doesn’t apply to everything. The Google Play Store can be broken into two separate sections. Apps comprise the first section, and all other media are found within the second section. For both categories, free and paid content is available from developers and copyright holders. It’s impossible to say that the Play Store is 100% free because tons of paid content is available through the marketplace.

Apps: Free and Premium Options

With 1.2 million apps, the Google Play Store is quite large to say the least. A majority of these apps are available free of charge, but thousands of premium apps exist, too. Users can find whatever types of apps they’re looking to download without spending a dime. Plus, most paid apps feature a handful of free alternatives that often get the job done. Most Android users rely upon free apps because they’re not willing to pay for premium apps. Some premium apps are unparalleled by free alternatives, though.

Media: Freebies Among Paid Content

Most TV shows, movies, songs, and e-publications come with a fee. Music and periodicals can include a subscription fee instead of one-time fees for downloads. Either way, Google sometimes makes certain albums or shows and movies available for free. Content in this section of the Play Store is often paid, so users won’t find a ton of free content. Crafty users can download plenty of free items thanks to Google every month nonetheless.

Do users have to spend money through Google Play?

In reality, a user doesn’t have to spend a dime in Google Play. The marketplace is free to access, and most premium apps come with a free trial. Then media content is available for free from time to time, too. Therefore, Google Play isn’t 100% free by any means, but users can get by without paying for anything. More than enough free apps are available, and free media content becomes accessible regularly. Spending money isn’t a requirement for using Google Play, which is a good thing.

Google Play: Filled With Free, But It’s Not 100% Free!

In the end, Google Play is indeed completely free for certain types of users. These users only rely upon free apps, and they download free media when it’s offered. Users that consume a lot of media or want premium apps are going to have to pay, though. Obviously, Google wouldn’t make the Play Store 100% free because it wouldn’t turn a profit on downloads and purchases.

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