Temple Run 2 Free Download – A Worthy Successor to Temple Run the Original

Setting the Bar High

The original hit mobile game, Temple Run had more than 50 million downloads, setting a rather high bar for the successor, the Temple Run 2. The basic gameplay and premise of Temple Run 2 is similar to the original game. The player possesses the stolen idol of the ancient temple. This angers a demonic monkey that is trying to get the idol back.

What’s Different?

Though the basic gameplay remains the same in Temple Run 2, there are some differences. The swipe controlling features remain similar and the difficulty level also remains the same. In fact, as you proceed in the game, the pace quickens rapidly. There are also more objects attempting to kill you and found all over the map, making Temple Run 2 quite challenging. However, the game continues to be a casual one and players have the opportunity to use in-game gems for resuming from the point where you die.

The original game takes place in a temple in South American setting, where the player has to run away from demonic monkeys chasing him. In Temple Run 2, the setting is a little more fanciful and is also more interesting, as it is based on a city in the clouds. Here too, the player has to run away but this time a single huge gorilla is chasing him.

New Environments

If you have already played Temple Run, you will find that the environment is slightly different and offers something new. For instance, the zip lines are new and there are also many new obstacles in the form of broken rocks, water hazards and so on, which make Temple Run 2 more pleasing in an aesthetic way compared to the predecessor.

More Characters

If you are tired of the default character of the game, you could get new ones using in-game coins. The characters come with varying abilities, though they may not be very clear in the beginning. However, all characters are equally agile or strong, so whatever the character you select, it does not make much difference to the game.

Challenges Galore

The game keeps offering several challenges to make players come back for more. For instance, you have to run for 500 miles, without any coin collection on the way. You have to complete this challenge in order to move the character and go the next level. The score multiplier also increases in this way and this enables the player to attain higher scores more quickly. All these changes make the gameplay fresh and new.

Excellent Graphics

Most of the devices that run on Android 2.1 or higher are capable of running the game. The developers have created excellent graphics for Temple Run 2 and it runs smoothly on most devices having different specs.

Free Game

The best aspect of Temple Run 2 is that it is a free game and comes with awesome graphics. There are no frustrating advertisements within the game. Of course, there are coins as well as gems that can be purchased in the in-game store. There is no compulsion for spending real money. You can also play the game and cross the levels without making any purchases. In this case, you might have to play for a longer time in order to get through the levels.


Temple Run 2 brings in some additional interesting aspects along with additional obstacles that can trip the player while attempting to level up. The visuals are good and graphics have been aesthetically developed. There are also several interesting challenges that will keep the player coming back for more and also keep the player on his toes. It is a great casual game and is practically a no-brainer. It is one of the best free games available for Android devices.

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