Interesting Rumors and Upcoming Features in GTA 6

Rockstar has confirmed that they are already working on GTA 6 which has been scheduled for a 2018 release on the consoles.

Probably, PC gamers may receive it in 2020 and even before the GTA 5 fever could go down, a lot of rumors have started coming out.

While some of them are fun, others are nearly confirmed. After all, the developers have created a benchmark for themselves by making the most amazing game of the decade. They not only introduce new features like character switching, but also made a huge world full of characters, an excellent storyline and some amazing missions.

Female Lead

In the upcoming GTA 6, it has been nearly confirmed that there is going to be a female lead for the first time. If Rockstar could make this true, they will finally go out of strip clubs and explore some new areas in the world. The male centric game might finally get a whiff of fresh air and maybe see what it likes to be a female gangster.

Three New Cities

Rockstar has already explored this option, but the problem is that PS3 or Xbox 360 was never capable of coping up with the growing needs. But, with the new generation consoles and the increasingly powerful PC platform, GTA 6 may not have just one huge city, but three huge cities to explore. Get to the chopper so that you can travel and enjoy different lifestyles at once.

A Police Story?

This is one of the interesting rumors where it has been claimed that the game will have a character who works as a cop and will play an important role in the storyline. He will be playable which will allow players to experience being an officer for the first time and on the right side of the law. He could be a corrupt officer but it’s all just a rumor at the moment.

Massive Multiplayer Modes

Never before seen multiplayer modes are expected to debut with GTA 6. GTA 5 had some of them, but it was limited to a bunch of players, but massive modes where at least thirty or more players could compete might be introduced with the upcoming game. When it launches, Microsoft and Sony might be launching their next consoles. So, we may have more delays as Rockstar will focus on PS4, Xbox One first before moving onto any other future system.

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