Best Google Play Apps – Your Android Experience Could Be Way Better With This Amazing Google Play Apps

The choice of apps in the Google Play Store has enlarged in recent years and it is now the biggest app store on the market.

This means it can get pretty hard to choose the apps that will suit your needs; so we present to you the list of some amazing Google Play apps that will hopefully add entertainment as well as enhance the functionality of your Android device.

DoggCatcher Podcast

If you’re used to listening podcasts on your Android device, then the DoggCatcher Podcast is the perfect app for you. Attractive as well as clear, the DoggCatcher Podcast Player’s interface makes it really smooth to handle and play your podcasts. You also have the possibility of setting your DoggCatcher Podcast Player to download new episodes automatically, so you’ll never run out of new things to listen to. Despite its price of $2.88, this app boasts loads of options and great customizability, which makes it pretty different from the podcast apps that are free.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is actually a classroom environment allowing teachers as well as parents to help students learn or study by setting up a virtual classroom environment. This helpful application provides the students with the ability to collaborate with this platform, to communicate with other students via live chats, as well as to take pictures or upload some to Google Classroom and much more.

Facebook Messenger

This is possibly the most polished Android application that rarely crashes and is really reliable. Most of us probably use different apps for mobile messaging, but odds are that a majority of the people we message with, own a Facebook account. This amazing little messenger is simple and clean, boasts a lot of great stickers and has the ability of sending videos.


This original and amazing note-taking application will provide you with the ability of creating to-do lists, syncing across devices, saving ideas, recording voice reminders and capturing photos straight from the application. Evernote is the app that helps people in organizing their lives in a seamless way.


One of the most used and popular third-party keyboards for Android is SwiftKey. This is indeed well deserved, since the app provides a multifarious and sensible layout, as well as the analyses of everything you type, no matter if it is in emails or on different social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. This way SwiftKey assists in compensating for variant styles of typing as well as to align common mistakes. If you don’t like the default keyboard on your phone, SwiftKey is a fantastic alternative for it.



Google Inbox

Everything you need and wish from a Material Design app-Google Inbox has it. This includes bold colors, one-handed light navigation, fun actions as well as informative animations and more. We all know how it can be pretty hard to manage our inbox, but this app will actually make it fun and enjoyable to do it. Google Inbox is free and requires an easy-to-come-by invite to access.

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