AVG Free Antivirus 2015 vs Avira Free Edition – The Best antivirus Solution for Slow PCs

Finding the best free antivirus for your PC is not so simple, especially if you have very slow hardware that will become even slower if you use programs that hog more resources.

Today, we have picked the two best available in the market, the AVG free antivirus 2015 and the Avira free edition.

Avira is one of the best available in the market that has received a lot of positive reviews from both users and critics. While there are many providers in the market, Avira continues to stand on top because they offer the best protection at no extra cost. It has amazing malware detection capability, an easy to use interface and has been awarded by Editors of the leading technology magazines.

For Strong PC Protection

For users who are looking forward to enjoying complete relief from malware, spyware and other virus problems, Avira free edition 2015 is your best bet. The free antivirus has a very detailed interface which might intimidate some users because it is a bit complicated. But, if you are willing to invest more time, you can easily learn what it offers. The interface is not simple because it comes bundled with a wide range of features and users have complete control over the options available.

You can decide to setup automatic scanning, shutdown the PC once it is done and also prompt the software to download the latest virus definitions when required. The software has been rated over four stars by most critics because it has exceptional malware detection capabilities. It comes bundled with additional features that you can explore if you like more control over your software program. During full scans, it is too heavy on system hardware which does not make it a good choice for older generation hardware.

For Slow PCs, Quick Performance

Just because AVG free antivirus 2015 is really lightweight and easy to use doesn’t mean it is not so efficient against malware detection. The software has a good rate of finding all types of threats and it even has a version for your Android mobile phones. The biggest advantage of AVG is that it is seriously small in size and can be installed even on older hardware.

Even during full scans, AVG free antivirus 2015 doesn’t clog down your resources and lets you to use your PC freely without issues. The software has a simple interface which features fully automatic functionality, making it ideal for novice users.

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