WhatsApp Download 2.12.90 Free APK – Install Guide On Android

Everybody loves WhatsApp mainly because it’s a quick way to keep in touch with your beloved ones, no matter where they are. The Android 2.12.90 update can be set up from the Google Play Store. Because it’s new revamped Material Design, WhatsApp is slicker than ever. Now, users can share all kinds of files, operate it from the web and even initiate voice calls, whenever they feel like it. Keep on reading to find out how to install the WhatsApp 2.12.90 APK.

This IM app can now be used for all kinds of smartphone gadgets as well as Android ones. This app works on Wi-Fi or 4G, 3G or 2G EDGE. There is no need to keep on sending text messages when you can easily use WhatsApp to initiate calls, send pictures and videos or use the Voice Messages feature, if you like.

Installing WhatsApp for Android APK on Your Handset:

Read the subsequent instructions if you wish to set up WhatsApp for Android APK file.

  • Downloading the APK file on your home computer is the first step. Give it the following name” WhatsApp 2.12.90.apk.” if you wish. If it is set up on your mobile phone, it should be located in downloads file on the SD card.
  • You can either download ASTRO File Manager (find it in Android Market) or you can use other types of file managers.
  • Next, head on to Settings, then Applications and make sure you tick/check Unknown sources. The next step is to click OK when the notice pops up.
  • Your phone must be linked to the computer, so that you start transferring the WhatsApp 2.12.90.apk.file. This transfer can be done either in your phone memory or the SD card, it’s your choice. Browse through the application until you reach the directory, where you transferred the 2.12.90.apk.file.
  • Once you see this file, click on it and then click the Open App Manager.
  • The install knob must be clicked on in order to initiate the set-up process for this file. Be careful and look for the permission that will pop up. All you have to do is hit the “Install” button once more.

So this is all you have to do, to set up the 2.12.90 version. Enjoy!

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