Avast vs AVG vs Microsoft Security Essentials – Top Free Antivirus Comparison

Making sure that your computer is protected is an important part of your everyday work on your computer. You need to keep your PC safe from harm, especially if you are still running the old and outdated Windows XP operating system. There are many however, that use this old version of windows, mainly because of their computer’s limitations and incapability towards upgrading to a fresher edition of Windows.

In this article you will find a few suggestions and reasons as to why the best of these antivirus has been proclaimed the best.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Maintaining a clean and protected device, whether we are talking about computers, phones, tablets, or other, is becoming more and more important as it is difficult, due to the large expansion of ways in which we use our devices. The large variety of actions we perform on our laptops, smartphones and tablets, like playing games ,browsing the web, online shopping, and others, have attracted even more potential threats to our system’s integrity.

As you will need an anti virus program, you are probably thinking of getting one that offers a free version, because you don’t feel like paying a monthly fee for something that might not even do that good of a job. There are several programs you can grab for free, but they will mostly consume all your resources and also do a not so good job on protecting your personal info and valuables. In this case, you are probably looking in the wrong place, because the best, truly free antivirus that also does a great job, is provided by none other than Microsoft. If you have an original, verified version of Windows, you can download the antivirus for free.

This program will work no matter what version of Windows you are using. It is truly a free antivirus, as you won’t see any adds or cash walls, or things like that. It takes care of most dangerous threats and work really well with the Windows FireWall. It gets updates constantly, and operates on a very low resource charge. The space it occupies on your hard drive is also very small.

Without a doubt, this is the best free antivirus available, and in the opinion of most, way better than alternatives like Avira, AVG or Avast. It has no hidden limitations or costs, as it is 100% free. All these taken into consideration, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it at least a try.


Avast is another antivirus program available for free download. Avast has been on the market for a very long time now, therefore the team behind it has become quite competent in providing free and solid updates constantly. Avast is a very well optimized antivirus, and this is a big plus especially for those who enjoy frequent gaming, because it is one of the most resource friendly options available. Avast can stand up against most of the antivirus programs on the market, including those that aren’t free, and that’s quite something. It works really well with Mac computers and also offers a variety of plug-ins, such as an email scanner and a website rating plug-in. Due to its high longevity, Avast provides some of the highest detection rates out there.


AVG shares some of the features of the other two programs. For example, it is also free to download, and its detection rates are among the highest as well. However, it can’t keep up with MSE or Avast when it comes to resources. If the other two were very resource friendly, the AVG program is quite the opposite, taking up a large chunk of your memory, and slowing your computer quite a lot. Its clients is big and it takes time to download and install. It does have a good side to it, however. It’s integration with Mac is very good, making it a more viable option for Mac users than MSE, and it also brings along the Identity Protection feature.

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