Avast Antivirus vs. AVG Antivirus vs. 360 Total Security – Which Free Antimalware Program is the Best?

There is no bigger mistake in the life of a PC user like using this device without an active antimalware program installed.

This is even worse considering the fact that there are numerous free antimalware programs available today and they can equally do a fantastic job as far as protection against these malware programs is concerned.

The situation of your device will even get worst in cases where you are a regular user of the internet. This is true because not all websites are secure, there are some which play host to malware and visiting them when unprotected will for sure cause harm to your PC.

In most instances, a malware will usually look for specific information on your system or try to hijack the PC’s processes. On the other hand, a virus will end up corrupting your entire PC, something that may require you to format it so as to get it on its feet again.

As noted earlier, there are dozens of apps that can be used to keep these malware programs and viruses from harming your PC, whether online or offline. However, the choice of which app to install on your PC is still yours and that’s why we’ve lined up some of the best antimalware programs you can find out there and install on your PC for the best protection.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast free antivirus is one of the most used antimalware apps today. This is so because you’ll get some of the best basic protection in addition to including top features for protecting your devices against all sorts of malware and viruses.

Avast free antivirus is intelligent and you’ll get a browser cleanup service as well as home network security using this free version. The advantage you get from the browser cleanup feature is that you won’t be bothered by the many ads that dominate most websites today. Furthermore, Avast offers an Updater feature that monitors all the installed apps and alert you for available updates. In this way, you can be sure of using the most recent applications, offering the most secure services.

360 Total Security

If you are looking for a top antimalware program, look no further than 360 Total Security. When this application is installed on your PC, you’ll be sure of all-round protection against malware and viruses. There are enhanced levels of scanning your PC and they include Full, Custom and Quick; all of which have some amazing results. The performance levels of your PC will also be enhanced with 360 Total Security.

The antimalware application also comes in with a feature referred to as Speed up. Using this feature, the application easily identifies non-critical programs that launch during start up, background services and others that might be affecting the performance of your device. Users can then kill these programs and services and in turn improve the performance of the device. The Cleanup features comes in handy when you want to clean junk and other files (temporary) that might be consuming hard drive space.

There is also an additional Virus Scan feature that lets users deeply scan their hard drives for viruses and delete them. 360 Total Security enhances its security levels by using five engines where three (QVMII, 360 Heuristic and 360 Cloud Scan Engines) are its own while the other two (Avira and BitDefender antivirus engines) are borrowed from other two top antivirus programs.

AVG Free Antivirus

AVG free antivirus comes with some of the best and latest security features today. One such feature is the Antivirus feature which helps in identifying, removing and preventing all sorts of malware from migrating to your device. Furthermore, you’ll come across the Anti-Rootkit feature that helps identify and get rid of rootkits with any malicious file that might be dangerous to your PC.

There is also no reason to panic about email-based attacks as the latest version of AVG free antivirus 2015 has an Email Scanner feature that ensures no infected file is downloaded via email. Other features include Data Safe, Firewall protection, Online Shield, AVG LinkScanner Surf Shield, Anti-Spam, and many others.

Remember, all these programs can also be used on mobile devices and still get the same protection features.

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