WhatsApp Groups: Invite and Get More People to Join

With WhatsApp Groups it is possible for you to chat simultaneously with up to one hundred people. This is an excellent facility that helps you stay close to your friends and family members as well as colleagues. Before you use WhatsApp Groups, you need to keep in mind not only the maximum number of people with whom you can chat at one time but you also need to keep a few other things in mind.

Join as many groups as you want

To start with, with WhatsApp Groups, there is no limit as to how many groups a person can join. Each group however will have at least one administrator, who is the only person who can add or even get rid of participants. Also, only an administrator has the right to make another person an administrator. In case the last administrator leaves a particular group, then a new administrator will be chosen in a random fashion.

Control your participation

People who join a WhatsApp group have the right to control their participation in any Group Chat. In case you block a contact, then when that person sends messages to other group members, the message will still reach you. Also, messages that you send to other people in the group will also be routed to the blocked contact.

How to Invite and get more people to join your WhatsApp Group?

If you want to chat with someone on WhatsApp, then it is important that that person has WhatsApp installed on his or her device. If anyone that you want to talk to is not on WhatsApp then you must invite him or her to use the app before you can start chatting with him or her on WhatsApp.

To send an invitation to a friend or other person, you must click on INVITE A FRIEND or use the Invite feature. Doing so will result in an SMS or email message being sent to your contact with a download link in it. If you choose to invite your friend via SMS then you will have to bear the SMS charges.

Remember, that it is not possible for you to add people to your group unless you are the administrator of the group. So, if you want to invite and get more people to join your group you will need to make a request to the person who created the group to add your friend or contact. Also, keep in mind the fact that you cannot have more than one hundred people in your group.


WhatsApp is an app that has made communicating with others that much easier and quicker and this is why so many online communities are using the app to communicate among themselves. The only problem is that you cannot have more than one hundred people in a group and only the administrator of the group has the right to add new people to the group.

If you are a very large group of people who want to communicate with each other via WhatsApp, you might find that one hundred people group size limit to be a limiting factor. Still, adding new people is easy and only requires an invitation.

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