Asus EA-AC87 – Best Router for Smooth Online Gaming

Online gaming simply involves playing games via the internet. To get the best gaming experience, you’ll definitely need a wireless router that is highly efficient, reliable and super-fast. Most games played online, especially video games, come with heavy graphics that requires a lot of data consumption and speed to play smoothly.

You might be one of the best online gamers in the world, but if your router is slow and inefficient, you’ll definitely be screwed. The best router designed to optimize your online gaming experience is the Asus EA – AC87.

The Asus EA – AC87 router is currently one of the fastest routers in the world. The previous model, Asus RT – AC97U, stunned the gaming world with its speed and efficiency. The major drawback of the RT – AC97U is that it needed to be paired with RT – AC87U, which acts as a wireless bridge, without which the RT- AC97U would be inefficient.

The Asus EA – AC87 stands out from the RT – AC97U router, because it doesn’t require any other router to be configured as a wireless bridge. Its 256QAM is rarely found on other wireless adapters. The 2.6 GHz frequency band allows for the support for 3 spatial streams, while delivering at a link rate of 600Mbps, which is the maximum speed.

What makes the ASUS EA -AC87 router perfect for online gaming?

=> Its operating frequency of 5GHz allows for the support up to 1734 Mbps ,which makes this router perfect for smooth online gaming and 4k video streaming

=> It has one of the best antenna designs. The technology behind this design is unrivaled and it allows for a signal coverage up 5000sq meters

=> Its Access point allows your network to be upgraded to 5 GHz WI-Fi, which is currently the world’s fastest

=> It has the capacity to connect wired devices to its wireless network via its Media bridge mode

The Asus EA- AC87 also comes with MU-MIMO (Multi-User). This allows for transmission to multiple clients at a time, while its SU-MIMO (Single User) allows for transmission to a single client at a time. Most competitors still rely on the SU-MIMO, and this situation gives a major advantage to the Asus EA-AC87. Many are describing the Asus EA- AC87 as wave 2.5, because Asus uses the Quantenna QSR 1000 Chipset. This enables the router deliver on the 5GHz band through its 80MHz bandwidth.

When looking at the frontal panel of the EA-AC87, you will see the internet connections, the Ethernet ports, the Leds showing the level of power, the 2.5 and 5GHz radios. The USB ports provide a great deal of versatility to this router; you can attach a 3G/4G dongle to it, it gives you the ability to share a mobile broadband connection. The back panel of this router contains: a Usb 2.0 port, a 4 port Gigabit switch, a WI-FI protective setup button, a Power switch and a reset switch.

Finally, the new Asus EA- AC87 is currently the best wireless router for online gamers. It can be used to convert Ethernet gigabit connections from the major game consoles into 802.11 ac wireless, and this can subsequently be connected to the 802.11 ac router. This provides flexibility to your internet connection process. The new Asus EA-AC87 is perfectly poised to rule the world of wireless routers this year.

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