Google Earth Overview – Everything You Always Wanted to Know about the Software


For many years, Google Maps has allowed us to explore the entire world from our desks – without setting a foot on a plane.

This tool is a godsend for us who have a tendency of getting lost within a 5-mile radius of our homes or apartments. However, Google Maps is not only one of the most loved products from Google. Most of us did not know that there was another version of Google Maps called Google Earth, which is free. Google Maps and Google Earth are two different products, but over the recent years they have become much more similar.

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is basically a geo-browser that lets you view satellite photos of the world. Use Google Earth to access satellite imagery and ocean bathymetry. Google Erath is also known as a geographic browser. The application is available on the web for free but a more advanced version is available for purchase. The pro version offers more additional capabilities than the free version. Both the versions are available via Google’s Explore, Search and Discover page.

The similarities between Google Earth and Google Maps

There are a number of similarities between both software programs. Both the applications allow you to get directions, save places and search for locations. And both tools feature Street View imagery.

The difference  

Google Maps is pretty different from Google Earth in several ways. For example, Google Maps keeps your data synced across devices while Google Erath does not. Google Maps is often recommended when you are on the go. On the other hand, Google Earths has loads of advanced features that make it a bit more sophisticated than Google Maps. It features 3D content and special controllers like LEAP Motion and SpaceNavigator. Also, it has an excellent historical aerial imagery as well as a flight simulator feature.

Google Earth for Exploring

If you are an explorer, Google Earth is worth having around. Aside from offering you a satellite view, the Earth can help you look around the earth to see what things are like. The satellite view within the application has a relatively higher resolution than what you will get in Google Maps. Furthermore, unlike Maps, Earth includes 3D representation of a satellite data. This means that you can get the actual feel for the size of buildings and natural features of the places you are exploring. Of course, just like Maps, Earth also includes Street View.

Find out more about the World

Does South Africa have a larger voter turnout than Brazil? Do more people live in China than Japan? Are there more Arabs than Whites in Dubai? If you have ever wondered about these questions, you will love Google Earth. However, you will have to upgrade to Google Earth Pro if you want to enjoy additional data relating to demography and topography of a place.

Lastly, Google Earth comes with several impressive datasets, such as those produced by companies, NGOs and charity organizations. With this tool, you can sit back and enjoy the wonders of the universe.

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