Apple iPhone 6 – Pricing and Specifications Review

The launch of the iPhone 6 has helped Apple’s stock market values move towards the north once again.

It is not surprising, given that this new version of the iPhone manages to pack everything that consumers have desired in the last few years. A number of Android phones started becoming successful in the market primarily because of a large display, but it is now available on the iPhone. Furthermore, the device sets new benchmarks when it comes to design and style as it has always done with every other version.


Apple reworks the overall design of the iPhone every two years and the iPhone 6 benefits from this philosophy by having a completely different style compared to the iPhone 5S. Gone are the square and sharp edges, which have now been replaced by rounded edges. This makes the phone extremely easy to handle, which will be of paramount importance in a device that has a 4.7 inch display. The speakers have been moved to the bottom edge of the device. The only chink in the armor maybe the protruding camera that makes it almost impossible for the device to lie flat on a table.


This has become the major talking point in the new iPhone 6 even though it does not have any new technologies or high resolutions like 4K. Instead, it is much bigger than the predecessor at 4.7 inches and this alone does the job. Apple claim that the resolution of the screen has been improved compared to the iPhone 5S, but the screen offers the same pixel density as before. This may be a downer with new phones like the Galaxy Note 4 offering QHD displays. Yet, the overall quality of the screen is extremely good with more accurate color reproduction than other screens.

Apple Pay

Apple has significantly improved its touch recognition ability so that the device can be unlocked every time without fail using the finger prints alone. More importantly, it has provided added functionality to the device through the Apple Pay feature. The iPhone 6 will now act as a virtual card and as a perfect credit card replacement.


The new look iOS 8 has done a fine job of breaking new life into the Apple operating system. It has brought some much-needed features like the ability to have widgets in the notification area. Of course, all of these additions take up a lot of performance, but this is something that the iPhone 6 handles with ease due to its dual core 1.4 GHz processor. It may seem like only a small increment over the predecessor, but the efficient use of the processors mean that this is more than sufficient.

Prices of the iPhone 6 have dropped in recent weeks and the base iPhone 6 with just 16 GB of memory on-board will cost around $700, whereas the top and iPhone 6 with the maximum 64 GB of memory will be priced at around $900. All these prices are for the SIM free versions.

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