4 Best Fitness Apps for Android

Android has always been two steps ahead in providing its users what they need. Let it be entertainment, news, games or anything, Android is there to cater the need of its users. Similarly, Android has a separate category for Health and Fitness app featuring smart and informative apps. Let it be losing weight, keeping a check on your heart rate, exercising, or running, there is an app for everything. Following are some apps that made it to the top this time we compiled for you:

Runtastic Running PRO

As the name indicates, Runtastic Running PRO will use your GPS to track and map your routes for running, cycling, and walking. It also tracks cardio progress in terms of distance, duration, elevation change, calories etc. to help you keep track on your progress and build a happy lifestyle. Its improved app design and navigation, optimized features, and new functionality are making it a widely accepted app with higher ratings. This app will give you audio coaching feedback on your personal preferences, and will also pause once you are stopped. After collecting data you can view it in advanced graphical illustrations and statistics. It has a LIVE cheering mode where you can get feedback on your progress from other registered users who will be motivating you as well. If you want to manually enter your workouts, you can do that too by entering activities like treadmill, spinning and weight lifting workouts.

Period Tracker Deluxe

The easiest way to track your periods is to download Period Tracker Deluxe on your Android. Start it every time your period starts and it will log your dates and calculates the average of your past 3 months’ menstrual cycles to predict the start date of your next period. It will also predict future and current dates, ovulation and fertile dates, your moods and your symptoms in a simple month-view calendar. It will help you in keeping track of days until next period and days they are late easily. Period Tracker Deluxe will let you know about your fertile days by displaying flowers on your home screen and eight days fertile window. You can also add a widget on your home screen to show a countdown to your next period, view the data with charts, and after turning on pregnancy mode, countdown to your baby’s due date. This app also gives you options to customize it as per your needs.

Abs Workout

This app contains workout schedule to perform in 42 days without shortcuts commonly known as Weider Six (Aerobic Six of Weider). Abs Workout contains 6 exercises to perform every day to get dream six pack. Put aside all the pushups, sit ups, pull ups, squats, etc. No need to sign in for any gym or fitness club membership when you can have this app on your phone that will teach you down to the core and will give you abs that you have only dreamed off. With its 3d supported animations, you can never miss any move that will cut the fat of your body. Make sure that this is not only to cut your belly down but, to give you muscular abs. Get it downloaded now and get your abs rocking hard within 6 weeks.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Aren’t you irritated when your alarm goes off in the perfect most moment of your sleep? Well, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is made to solve this problem that everyone has ever had since a long time. It is an intelligent app that will make the alarm goes off in the lightest phase of your sleep so you don’t wake up irritated and frustrated but start your day with total refreshment after getting proper relaxation. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock has helped millions to wake up rested. Due to its uniqueness and effectiveness, this app is featured on CNN, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, New York Time, BBC and many more. Sleep Cycle is continuously rated as best alarm clock and it is also world’s most and widely used intelligent alarm clock. You must be wondering how it works. Since you move differently on bed ranging from deep sleep to tight sleep, Sleep Cycle use the accelerometer in your phone to monitor your movement and determine which sleep phase you are in and will start waking you up once it figures you are in light mood.

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