FDA Approves Electrical Headband For Migraine Treatment

For migraine headaches you don’t need to rely on pain killers and medications from now. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved medical device to wear for prevention of onset of migraine headaches.

The device is like a simple headband, but an electrical version, and such medical device has been approved by FDA in US for the first time. It is named as Cefaly and is developed by Cephaly Technology of Liege,

The new electrical headband to reduce migraine pain will be retailed at around $300 in Canada and is learned to be sold at the same price US from Vice President of Roxon Medi-Tech Ltd. of Canada Michael Solomita.

The new device may help migraine patients in preventing or treating attacks, says director of FDA’s Medical Device Center Office of Device Evaluation.

According to University of Chicago Neurobiology Professor Peggy Mason, the new device helps in treating headache pain and also some other types of pain with the help of electrical stimulation that acts as a counterirritant to the nerves.

The Cefaly is placed on the forehead like eyeglasses and is considered as a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS device. It gives a massage sensation during the 20-minute therapy.

The device will be sold only under prescription.

The study of Cefaly was conducted in Belgium on 67 patients. Before the treatment all the patients experienced 6.94 days of migraine headaches a month, but after the treatment it was lowered to 4.88 days.

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