WhatsApp: Transfer All Messages To New Phone

Not many would argue with the fact that WhatsApp is a very popular and well loved messaging service. A large number of people use this app to message and chat with friends and family members. However, if you have recently bought a new phone and you are wondering just how you can transfer all messages to your new phone, then the following should make things clear to you.

Backup your messages

To start the process of transferring your messages to your new phone, you must first of all backup all your WhatsApp messages on your existing phone. Once this has been done the next step involves moving your backed up files on to your new phone. This can be done easily. All that you need to do is connect your phone to your personal computer. Once connected to a personal computer, you then need to use (install if necessary) a file explorer application that will help to create a WhatsApp directory on your new phone.


How to backup your WhatsApp messages

To backup your WhatsApp messages on your phone you will need to first of all open the WhatsApp app on your existing phone. Next, click on the MENU key and then go to SETTINGS. There, you will see many options. Click on the option called CHAT SETTINGS and then click on BACKUP CONVERSATIONS. This helps to save your backup file on your WhatsApp folder.

Export your messages to your new phone

To export all your WhatsApp messages to your new phone, you will need to connect your existing phone to your personal computer with the help of a USB cable. Once this is done, you can start copying the entire WhatsApp folder on your personal computer. The WhatsApp folder will then be created on your new phone’s Internal Storage.

Move your WhatsApp folder to new phone

The next step involves moving the WhatsApp folder on your new phone and once this is done, you will need to install the WhatsApp app on your new phone. To install the app on your new phone you will need to find it on the Google Play Store. Once the WhatsApp app has been loaded and installed on your new phone you will then have to run the app.

A Welcome Screen will greet you. Click on the I Agree and then continue by entering your mobile phone number, which then completes the process of setting up the app on your new phone.

Complete setup process

After the setup process is completed, WhatsApp will on its own find the old backed up files that you have moved to your new phone. The next step involves selecting the RESTORE option, which will then result in all your old messages being saved on your new phone with each and every contact, details also being stored on your new phone.


As you can see, the process of transferring all your WhatsApp messages from your old phone to your new phone is very simple and straightforward. The steps outlined above work well with Android phones. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to restore chat history from other phone types to an Android phone or from Android phones to another type of phone.

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