Adobe Flash Player 17 Latest Version Upgrade Will Allow Browser Based Gaming

The developers have rolled out Adobe Flash Player 17, the latest version which is a free upgrade that you could have for all major browsers.

It is mandatory to download it because it offers so much including the ability to game within browsers.

For a long time, web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera relied only on the power of the processor. Even if a computer is equipped with a graphics card, they didn’t have plugins that could use the added power. Because of this limitation, most free games and Facebook titles were of low quality.

With Adobe Flash Player 17, these browsers will now make full use of DirectX and Open GL software. Both these programs are used by almost every major game including Call of Duty, Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto among others. All these titles can now be played within the convenience of the browser and this has been made possible by the upgrade.

Stage 3D Plugin

When you upgrade to latest version of Adobe Flash you will have Stage 3D installed by default. The program will power all 2D and 3D gaming which also includes high quality 1080p or even 4K videos. They seamlessly render game titles so that you can play those amazing levels at higher frame rates. The concept of 60 FPS or more was so far limited only to the desktop which now changes with this launch. It not only supports Direct X and Open GL plugins but also uses the graphics card processing capacity to support titles.

Full screen gaming within the browser is possible when you install Adobe Flash Player 17. The free upgrade is something you can’t say no to because it is universally used on all platforms and even supports smartphones as well as tablets. Such is the convenience offered by the Flash plugin.

Full Screen Gaming

Browser based games used to be small in size, limited to the navigation bar but Adobe Flash Player 17 breaks all those barriers. You can now enjoy your favorite titles in full screen. The games also support keyboard inputs as well as rapid mouse clicks which is mandatory for both first person shooters as well as RPGs where every click matters. The upgraded API allows the browsers to understand inputs precisely as they do in desktop titles. You will also open a whole new world of multimedia entertainment combined with HD movies and interactive content by upgrading.

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