WhatsApp Web Free Download Latest Update Client On An iPhone

WhatsApp is a little bit unfair to the iOS users, because of two reasons: the developers targeted the Android users and invited a few of them to join the Voice Calling testing program, then they released updates to improve this feature, which can be activated if the person is called by a contact who enabled it previously; the other reason is that only the Android users can install the WhatsApp Web client on their computers. Fortunately, this feature works with a jailbroken iPhone.

WhatsApp Web Client allows the users to log into their accounts from a computer and chat with their friends using a keyboard. This means that they’ll type messages faster and communicate with more friends, at the same time, without struggling to get from one chat window to another. To make it work, the Android user opens one of these web browsers on his computer: Firefox, Chrome or Opera and types web.whatsapp.com, then the QR code that is displayed on the page is read with the smartphone’s camera, after opening the application and going to Menu>WhatsApp Web.

It would be great if WhatsApp would release a compatible version with iOS, but this service can be used on an iPhone only if it’s jailbroken. This way, the iOS users will be able to enable the Web Client service and log into their accounts and receive instantaneous notification alerts on their web browser.

There is a tweak in the Cydia store called WhatsApp Web Enabler, which is free and supports iOS 4 and later. By installing this tweak, the users will see a WhatsApp Web button in the Settings Menu of WhatsApp and they will head to web.whatsapp.com to scan the QR code with their iPhones’ camera. These are the same steps an Android or BB 10 user takes to enable the web client on their computers.

This tweak can be enabled and disabled from the Settings app on iPhone and the developers brought some bug fixes to WhatsApp Web Enabler, to work without any problems.

WhatsApp will release an official web version for iOS soon, but only after Apple will conclude that there won’t be any security issues when implementing this service. So, it will take some time until the company will give its consent to WhatsApp to implement the web client into the application.

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