Top 10 Tips To Use With Your Asus Zenfone 2

Asus Zenfone 2 is the most recent smartphone from Asus. Its interface is very intuitive and clean, thus the phone user can perform a lot with the apps and settings provided.

It is important that you know some of the basic settings to use on this smartphone, along with some of the non-essential (but nice to know) tips and tricks too;

  1. Removing the back cover

It may not look like it but the back cover of Asus Zenfone 2 is removable meaning that you can pull it out so as to expose the back tray and insert MicroSD card and SIM cards. However, you cannot remove the battery since it is embedded and fixed.

  1. Inserting SIM card and Micro SD card

You can easily insert the two cards on your phone. The slot for MicroSD card is on the right. You simply need to push it in till it fits well and a jerk is noticed. For the SIM card, it has two slots at the center and opposite to each other.

  1. Adding items like widgets and apps to home screen

To do this, you just need to tap and hold on an empty area to the home screen whereby you will see 4 options; apps, widgets, wallpapers and edit page. You can make changes using the edit page option. Such changes include adding widgets or apps to the home screen.

  1. Changing transparency of wallpaper

Based on the kind of wallpaper you are using, you can easily change the way it appears. You first have to set the wallpaper by simply tapping and holding the screen and selecting wallpapers. Once you select a picture, you will see an option of transparency that you can change.

  1. The special apps from this smartphone

Apart from settings and effects, there are so many other apps that enhance functionality such as the following.

* What’s Next

* Mirror

* Setup Wizard

* Party Camera

* Audio Wizard

* PC Link

* Power Saver

* SuperNote and many others

  1. Removing quick settings

Quick settings look beautiful especially the large icons which are recognized easily. They change color when toggled thereby making it easier for you to check the settings which are on or off. To remove or change quick settings, just drag down the notification panel where you will see 3 options. The second option changes the quick settings.

  1. Time rewind feature

This feature enables the camera to automatically record all events happening two seconds before capturing an image. This means that it will have a set of pictures and hence you can select the best one and save it.

  1. Backing up and resetting your Zenfone 2

Mostly this task is performed when one is selling off his phone. You will need to back up a lot of data like personal files, contacts and settings using your Google account. Just go to settings, personal backup and reset at that point although you first have to set up a backup account.

  1. Using the power saving mode

This feature tries to extend the life of the battery. Two types of this feature include the optimized mode and ultra saving mode. Ultra mode maximizes the battery life by disconnecting the internet connection. The optimized mode extends battery life but it does not end internet connection.

  1. Checking for software update

This smartphone may soon get Android KitKat update. You can check for the updates by going to settings, about, system update and tap that icon to check manually.

The above are the top 10 tips and tricks that will help you greatly when using and setting up your new Asus Zenfone 2.

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