Surface Pro 3 – Microsoft Offers Best Trade-In Deal

If you were looking to upgrade your existing Surface tablet with the Surface Pro 3, we have some great news for you. Microsoft are offering a deal in which you can offer your existing, outdated Surface model, and in return receive credit that you may use to buy the Surface Pro 3. The credit is worth $650, and will be available for those craving a sweet deal, until the 8th of March. You are eligible for this offer only if you are in the US or Puerto Rico, but it’s also good on Microsoft’s  online site.

This is one of Microsoft’s  promotions meant to bring more people in to buy the Surface Pro 3, which they consider as a viable alternate solution for other, more classic laptops, such as the Mac Book Air from Apple. He Surface Pro 3 is not your regular tablet, as you can use the Type Cover or Touch Cover keyboard and turn it into a laptop instantly. The device comes with 12 inches worth of screen for the high end model and will also be available through another deal which will go on until the 28th of February. This deal implies that you will be able to purchase the device $100 cheaper, and since recently, the 64 GB model featuring the Intel ore i3 processor will also be eligible.

As we said, there is a deal that will give you a discount of up to $650, but you will only be eligible for the full amount if you turn in a Surface Pro 3 with an i3 processor and 256 GB. This would be a solution if you were looking to buy the more powerful edition, which features the i7 processor and 512 GB of storage. For this, you also need to bring the power adapter and the keyboard cover. For lesser models you will receive, of course, less money. For example, let’s say you bring in a Surface Pro 2 tablet, with 64 GB of storage. For that kind of device, you will receive about $189 in credit. The 32 GB version will grant you $105 credit, while the Surface Pro 128 GB edition will get you a $207 bonus.

There are several versions of the Surface Pro 3 that you can choose from. Starting from $699 for the Inter Core i3 model with 64 GB, the price goes all the way to $1849 for the 512 GB Intel Core i7 model. In between, we have the 128 GB i5 and the 256 GB i5 and i7 models.

If you are interested in the offer, go to the Surface Pro 3 trade-in page over at Microsoft, and see how much your old device is worth. If you’re ok with what they offer you, send tem your device and accessories, and in return you will receive a promo code.

Needless to say, your old device has to be functional, with a working battery and no broken components.

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