Adobe Flash Player 18 APK Free Download – Offline Installers, Bug Fixes and Improvements

Adobe Flash Player 18 can be finally tested and the users who want to download it can do it right away. The new version comes with new enhancements, security and bug fixes that will make the application run smoother than before.

For now, Adobe Flash Player 18 is in beta and the latest stable version of Adobe Flash Player is 17. It is good to know that in case you have Adobe flash Player installed on your computer, the new updates will most likely be automatically downloaded and installed. However, this is available only for the stable versions, as the beta ones can be installed only manually.

The Adobe Flash Player 18 offline installer can be downloaded from the official Adobe website (, but you must download the right version for the OS you’ve installed on your computer.

Keep in mind that there is no Adobe Flash Player 18 version for Windows 8. With other words, if you are a Windows 8 user, you will need to wait for a version to be released via the Windows Update or use a third party browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox and install the Flash Player designed for it.

Adobe Flash Player 18: What’s new?

– The Adobe Flash player installing process has been improved and now it will no longer ask you to close the running browsers to get it installed properly
– APIs have been added to the Flash Player NPAPI
– Flash videos can now be zoomed in and out inside the browser
– Several Flash Player 17 issues have been fixed.

Adobe Flash Player 18: Uninstalling

In case you’ve installed Flash Player 18, but you are not satisfied of it, you can always uninstall the application. To do this, head to and download Flash Player beta uninstaller, double click on the uninstaller file and remove the Adobe Flash Player 18 from your computer.

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