YouTube Premium: Higher-quality Videos For Subscribers Only

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Credit: YouTube

YouTube Premium is about to change the way you see the world, like literally! A bunch of new sleek features is being made available to Premium users only, including a ‘thingy’ for iOS users to get an “improved” version of 1080p. How cool is that?! Luckily, there’s more to find out.

Now exclusively available on iOS, the “smooth” 1080p HD video quality will soon be available on the web as well, so don’t worry; it’s going to be there soon. Moreover,  the new 1080p Premium option, which YouTube describes as “an increased bit rate version of 1080p,” has an amazing purpose. Everything is meant to make things seem sharper, especially in videos with a lot of detail and motion. Imagine how well things will be, especially for creators and developers!

So how’ll things work out?

The default 1080p option for videos is still available to you (yes, even the ones with 1080p Premium). You see, there’s a catch. Not all videos will have the 1080p Premium option; according to YouTube, live streams, Shorts, and videos with a quality other than 1080p.

Check out below a screenshot of the new feature in action:

Credit: YouTube

Besides the new high-quality feature, YouTube has also revealed other interesting stuff for Premium subscribers. That includes SharePlay, which enables iOS users to use FaceTime to view videos with friends and family. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! And if you think that’s similar it’s because such a thing is also available on Android, with Google Meet and the way you watch films with others whether or not they have paid for Premium.

Finally, YouTube has rolled out a feature that allows you to resume watching films on iOS or Android and the platform’s desktop website no matter where you left off.


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