Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s Design is Breathtaking in These Photos

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Credit: Xiaomi

Xiaomi is gearing up for one of its biggest projects so far: the Xiaomi 13 Ultra! Initially known for its iPhone knockoffs, the company gradually became known for its affordable gadgets and fascinating design ideas. Now, Xiaomi has succeeded in coming up with several outstanding camera-focused phones like the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Mi 11 Ultra, and the Xiaomi 13 Pro. The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is definitely cut from a totally different material! How’s so?

Xiaomi 13 Ultra and its incredible Leica lenses are obviously aiming for the stars. The company is anticipated to lift the standard for smartphone photography even higher, and we can’t for it! The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has also provided the device’s official press images and unveiled some of its important specs in advance of the big launch event. Check out one of the looks below:

Credit: Xiaomi

It’s genuinely fascinating how much Xiaomi is raising the bar of what design should really mean when it comes to smartphones. On the other hand, there’s the intimidating element: the camera!

The enormous circular camera module with golden borders is actually embedded in the white back that has a leather feel and appears upscale in renderings. Although it might not be obvious at first, the phone’s top portion is thicker than its bottom, which explains the camera hump that could intimidate many of us!

Credit: Xiaomi

However, what’s even best is Xiaomi’s new tech that ensures the smartphone’s longevity. How’s that possible? The company claims to have coated the back with an antimicrobial and a unique anti-yellowing coating. Xiaomi also intends to sell the phone in a green hue.

The Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s design will totally make a difference and help the smartphone stand out from its Android rivals, and, why now, iPhones.

What do you really expect from Xiaomi 13 Ultra?

Stay tuned for more cool details soon!

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