PlayStation VR2 Is Officially Delayed

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Sony’s PlayStation VR2 has been delayed, according to numerous reports. And since fans are waiting for the next-gen VR headset, it seems that they might have to contain their happiness.

PlayStation VR2 delayed to 2023

Sony may not be able to release the PSVR2 this year, according to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). Ross writes in a tweet that both Apple and Sony have postponed the release of their VR headsets until 2023. It’s worth noting that Sony hasn’t announced a release date for the PSVR2, and the 2022 date was based on industry sources. It was initially estimated that the console would be released during the Holiday period in 2022, but since that is not happening, the PSVR2 will not be released until at least 2023.

We have not heard anything official from Sony yet, and the delay rumor isn’t the first we’ve heard in recent weeks. PSVR Without Parole previously suggested that the PSVR2 will be released in 2023, not 2022. The decision of the release date was made for a variety of reasons. The most obvious explanation is that the chip shortage situation is not helping, implying that the stock issue will not be solved anytime soon.

The PS5’s limited install base, as compared to prior generations, is a direct result of the chip shortage scenario. While the PS5 has definitely been a success, sales have been drastically lower than they could have been if the chip shortage had not existed. A lot of customers in various countries will soon receive the console . Given the PSVR2’s specialized clientele, Sony would want a much bigger install base before releasing the PSVR2, which makes sense.

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