Telegram Messenger – Is it Secure Enough to Use for Office Communication?

Today there are so many instant messaging apps out there. Sadly, many of them have a number of controversial security features. It is important therefore for individuals and businesses to insist on greater amount of privacy, something which most popular messaging apps are unable to offer. Fortunately, the Telegram messenger application makes it possible for the users to find peace of mind while sending and receiving messages. The app has emerged as one of the most secure apps for messaging purposes.

The Telegram messenger is somewhat new but slowly getting international recognition – the main reason is – for most users – other messaging apps like WhatsApp will charge a subscription fee every year. The app insists that it will remain free forever, without ads, without sponsored messages and without subscription charges. But is Telegram secure enough to use for office communications?

Highly encrypted messages

One of the best features that makes Telegram stand out from the crowd is its secret chat function. There are many threats to your privacy online, from the government to hackers. Even searching for suspicious things online can land you in jail. The Telegram messenger makes it nearly impossible for people to intercept your messages. Your messages will be sent to the target recipient, leaving no footprints on the servers. So you can be sure that all traces of your communication will be cleared once the chat session is over.

Fast Speed in delivering messages

Telegram is arguably the fastest instant messaging app out there at the moment. The messages sent and the messages delivered are terribly fast. Popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Viber are probably not as fast as Telegram.

Storage in the Cloud

Though Telegram does not store messages on their servers, it securely encrypts them in the cloud for future access. This means that you can access them any time from your iPhone or Android device.

Access Telegram from multiple devices

With Telegram, users can use any type of device to communicate. For example, the app offers access to Smartphones, Mac OSX, Windows PC, Google Chrome App or Linux. This means that you can start a conversation on an Android phone and continue your participation on Windows PC seamlessly.

No messages size and length restrictions

Among the amazing features of Telegram is the ability to send and receive an unlimited size of media attachments. You can share documents, videos, location, images, etc. In addition to this, Telegram lets its users chat with up to 200 people at the same time. WhatsApp only lets you set a group of up to 50 people. Also, With Telegram, any group member can invite other people to join the group. So group members do not need to wait for the group admin to add more people.

Generally speaking, Telegram is one of the most secure messaging apps, even though it does not offer voice calls. It is built with user privacy and speed in mind, designed to work on even slow connections. The decentralized servers with end-to-end encryption and the ability to set a self-destruct timer for the messages on all sides, means Telegram is the way to go if you are looking for a secure communication tool for your business.

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