WeChat Free Voice Messages – Save Them On iOS or Android Devices

You may want to save your voice messages on WeChat for a lot of reasons, but no matter what they are, you can find a solution for your problem here. Saving messages can be done on both iOS and Android devices, and we’re going to show you how to do it on both.

Messages on Android

First off, let’s take a look on how you can replay your messages over and over again on Android. The trick is knowing where your messages are in the first place. On Android devices, you need to look inside your phone for a folder with the name “tencent”. Inside this folder, you should be able to find a folder named MicroMsg. Unfortunately, your folder opening days aren’t over yet, as you have to dig deeper. Inside this folder, you need to locate the one called “voice2”. That’s where your messages are being stored. From here, you can probably guess what you need to do. Simply back up the files found there, either on your phone or on your computer. If you copy them on your computer, you will be able to open them as audio files and re-listen to them as much as you want.

Messages on iOS

The road is a little longer and bumpier for you iPhone users than your Android brethren, but bear with us and we will get out those messages. To start things out, go and acquire a 2-way audio line, and make sure you have a Mac or PC equipped with an audio line-in jack. You can get the 2-way line in all the regular places like BestBuy or what not.

After you got these scraped off the “to do” list, make sure you have an audio recording software on your computer of choice.

Now, simply use the 2-way line to connect your phone to your computer. Next, navigate to your voice messages, but don’t play it yet. Now go to the recording option on the program on your computer, and press record. Now you can play the message on your phone. The sound is going to be muted off since you connected your phone to the computer. After the message is over, simply stop the recording. That’s about it, now you have the message recorded on your computer. You can also cut out the 2-way line and use a microphone, but the sound quality will be inferior by a lot.

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