WhatsApp Free Video Calling Coming To Windows Phones In October

Whenever new updates are coming, the Android users are the first ones to get them, then the iOS users and the rest of users of other platforms, which feel a little bit frustrated because they have to wait too long to have access to the new features. The voice calling feature isn’t available for Windows Phones, but the rumors are already talking about the video calling feature, which might be released in October for this platform.

WhatsApp is an undisputed leader on the market of messaging applications and recently, it surpassed 800 million active users, with 200 million more than Facebook Messenger, the other application owned by Mark Zuckerberg. But there are many differences between WhatsApp and Facebook, and one of them is the sign up method. While on Facebook Messenger you can login using your email and password with which you’ve created a Facebook account on the website, WhatsApp requires a mobile number in order to verify your account.

The latest version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone is 2.11.955, which is hosted on the developer’s website, but it doesn’t support voice calling and the fans are losing their patience. What is certain is that WhatsApp’s representatives asked the members of some Italian forum to help them translate some texts related to the voice calling feature, which confirms the future addition of this feature to Windows Phones.

WhatsApp still has problems with voice calling on Android, but the worst issue was fixed in the meantime. There was a glitch that caused calls to end out of the sudden, but the developers released new updates and this bug is no longer present on the Android version. Another inconvenience is the enormous data usage, because WhatsApp is consuming almost as much data as the popular instant messenger, Skype.

Even if there isn’t a desktop version of WhatsApp, the users have the web feature, which allows them to log into their accounts from their computers. They need to run one of these three browsers: Opera, Chrome or Firefox and to scan the QR code from web.whatsapp.com with the smartphone’s camera.

Looking ahead into the future, we have rumors from the inside and internet reports saying that WhatsApp is planning to introduce the video calling feature soon, and it will come to the windows phones this fall, most probably in October.

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