WhatsApp vs Facebook Messenger – Which Is Better And Why

There was a time when WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger were rivals, competing against each other in terms of popularity and user count. That’s not really the case anymore, but not because one of them waved the white flag. The reason why this competition is no longer  the same is because Facebook has purchased WhatsApp, meaning that it doesn’t really matter which of these two apps does better. In the end, Facebook wins anyway.

There are a lot of similarities between these two apps. Such similarities include the fact that they are both relatively new apps ( in comparison to older services), they both have huge user counts ( Facebook has about 500 million users while WhatsApp has around 700 million users), and also, they have pretty much the same features. In this case, which is better, and why should we pick one over the other? Let’s see what sets them apart.

One of the major differences between the two is the way you log in. With Facebook Messenger, you just need your Facebook login details. Put those in, and you’re good to go. With WhatsApp however, you will need to use your phone number in the registration process. With this app, your phone number also serves as your username of sorts. WhatsApp will ask you for your phone number, then will send you a verification code to the number you specify. Once you verify your account with the code they give you, you are free to use the app, with no extra login required. Keep in mind, that while Facebook Messenger can be used at all times free of charge, WhatsApp requires you to pay $0.99 every year. The first year is free, but when I ends, you’ll have to pay this fee. Before you completely turn our back to WhatsApp, keep in mind that the fee is paid only once a year and it’s pretty small. Also, WhatsApp offers video calling services, whereas Facebook Messenger does not.

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