WhatsApp User Experience Improved By Customizing The App

Until now, you’ve used the traditional voice calling and SMS text messaging method to keep in touch with your loved ones. In the past years, the internet was invaded by instant messengers, which were available, initially, for computers. Along time, mobile versions were released and become popular extremely fast. The carriers had to come up with bigger data plans, to allow their customers chat on the internet, for free. WhatsApp is the application with the biggest number of active mobile users, but not all of them are exploring its full potential.

This famous application can be used to send free texts and to make voice calls on Android, BlackBerry 10 and iOS. What the users are neglecting is the fact that they can customize the application on their smartphones, such as changing the size of the font, the background when having a chat conversation etc. In this article, we’ll give you a few tips that will make you love WhatsApp even more.

If you don’t like the current background of your conversations, you can change it and replace it with a personal photo or another image you’ve downloaded from Google. The application also has wallpapers included and you can use them by going to Settings – press Settings from the bottom right in iOS, or press the menu button (the icon has three dots and it’s located at the top right) if you’re using Android.

When Settings appears, go to Chat Settings, then click on menu to change the default background by choosing to select a picture from your device – the option is Photos from iPhones, and Documents for Android. If you like a photo from the Library backgrounds of WhatsApp, select one of them, but if you can also use iPhone’s package of images to use as wallpaper. On Android, you can download a package of images and use them to change the wallpaper.

You can always restore the default background image, if you don’t like what you’ve selected. To do that, on iPhone you will have the Restore background button, and on Android, there’s the Default button.

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