WhatsApp Tutorial – Compress Videos And Send Them Over On This Application

We’re pretty sure that if you use WhatsApp, you got stuck several times when trying to send some large video files through this messaging application. This usually happens when the file is too big and as we already know, this messaging application allows you to send files up to 16MB.

However, there are a lot of applications that will help you compress videos, so that you can make them 16MB or less and send them on your WhatsApp friends. Below, we’re going to list some applications that will help you compress videos.

WhatsApp: Compressing tools for videos

In case you own an Android device, then you should know that a good application to convert videos is called Video Converter 2 and it can be installed from the Google Play Store. At the same time, the application has been updated for Android 5.0 Lollipop, which allows it to be even more effective at compressing videos. The application is free and you can use all its functions without any problems.

For the Windows Phone users there is also a good video converter called Video Optimizer for WhatsApp. This video converter will help you lower the video file sizes in order to send them on WhatsApp without any problems. The application is not free and it costs only 0.99 dollars. In case you decide to buy it, we’re pretty sure that you will not feel sorry for “wasting” 0.99 dollars on this awesome video converter application.

If you are an owner of an iOS device, then you should know that you will find a video compressing tool on the App Store called “Video Compressor”. This application will help you compress videos that you want to send on WhatsApp. At the same time, you will be able to change the video quality, which will significantly decrease the size of the file. As soon as you notice that the file is 16MB or lower, you will be able to send it on WhatsApp without any problems.

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