Secret Features Of iOS You Should Know About

iOS has evolved over time, starting off a software with basic features, and receiving more and more features, becoming “mature” and full of options. The problem is that not all users are curious to explore its “depths” and they’ll never know about those hidden useful features. In this article, we’ll make a list of important hidden features or commands which will make your life more exciting.

Believe it or not, but Siri (personal assistant) can read everything that’s in front of her, and to turn on Speech Selection, you will have to go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Speech. Besides, you can ask Siri to take you a selfie by telling her “Take a selfie”. She will launch the Camera app and you will take that photo. And there are more things that Siri can do. She will tell you which planes are flying above you” when you ask her “What planes are above me right now?” Also, you can teach her to pronounce names properly and to no longer mangle contacts. Siri recognizes songs in iOS 8 and she will display a list of songs you’ve asked her to identify.

As you know, you can change the ringtone and set different sounds for your alarm or messages. You can use the device’s own sounds or download from the internet, select a different song for each person from your phonebook, to be able to recognize who is calling. But, in addition, you can enter silent mode and when someone is calling you, you will hear a vibration. The good news is that you can customize vibrations by going to
Settings>Sounds>Ringtone>Vibration>Create New Vibration.

Other things you can do in iOS: capture photos and videos in secret; swipe on the digits in the iOS Calculator app and delete them without even pressing a button; turn on Grayscale Mode in Settings>General>Accessibility to pretend you’re watching a classic movie’ hide photos in the Photos App by tapping and holding on a photo until you’ll see the Hide option; hide your Caller ID; filter messages; hide applications from the home screen or create a black home screen; create nested folders to get rid of the multiple folders for the same type of app; find out how good is your cellular signal strength by getting numbers, not bar; capture photos while you’re recording a video; find your phone even if the battery died in the meantime; hide your App Store purchases and control when you want the store to ask for your password etc.

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