WhatsApp Plus Download 1.75 APK Version With Anti-ban

WhatsApp Plus is the unofficial version of WhatsApp. It comes with more features than WhatsApp, which made a lot of users to uninstall it and try WhatsApp Plus, but Mark Zuckerberg didn’t take this situation very well and banned the WhatsApp Plus users.

WhatsApp Plus was firstly added to the Google Play Store, but soon enough, it was removed from the official store. This is because WhatsApp’s developers noticed that many of their users are installing WhatsApp Plus and they’ve asked Google to remove the unofficial application from the store. The reason was simple: WhatsApp Plus developers copied the WhatsApp source.

However, that didn’t stop users from downloading the WhatsApp Plus application from other websites. Soon enough, the WhatsApp developers understood that they need to react in order to make users come back to their application and have found a way to ban WhatsApp Plus’ users for 24 hours. If, after the ban was expiring, you were still running WhatsApp Plus, a new 24 hour-ban was set on your WhatsApp account.

This worked for a while but now a new version of WhatsApp Plus has been released, which prevents you from getting banned.

The new WhatsApp Plus version 1.75 APK features also a new material design, the ability to hide your last seen status and the annoying blue ticks. You can use the WhatsApp Plus version 1.75 APK via an internet connection on 2G/3G or Wi-Fi.

Using WhatsApp Plus, you can do everything that you can do on the official application such as: sending free instant messages, sound files, video files etc. WhatsApp Plus comes with additional features and allows you to customize the application the way you want by changing the background pictures and using different themes and fonts.

Installing WhatsApp Plus v1.75 APK on Android

To install WhatsApp Plus v1.75 APK on your Android is quite easy. You just need to download the WhatsApp Plus v1.75 APK on your Android device and after that enable the Unknown Sources option by going to Settings->Applications or Settings->Security and check the box in front of that option.

After that, just go back to the location where you’ve saved WhatsApp Plus v1.75 APK, install it on your device and use the mobile phone number to get verified.

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