WhatsApp Latest Update and Free Download Details

So what do you get with the latest WhatsApp update? Well, this does depend on whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone as there are two different versions with some rather important differences with what is possible. However, the good news is that it does remain free to download and install no matter which operating system it is that you use and there is no possibility of that changing in the future.

Latest Update For Android.

The biggest change is with the latest update for the Android network as WhatsApp have decided to launch the free calling option on Android to begin with before bringing it to the iOS system in the near future. This means that you are going to be able to call other people on WhatsApp absolutely free no matter where they are in the world and this is something that has certainly been lacking in the app since other developers have offered this for some time.

The update also results in you having a brand new interface to deal with, but apart from the call option there is not too much different, so it is hardly going to be confusing for you. The rest of the app is just identical to how it was before as the app works smoothly and any changes apart from the call feature will have taken place behind the scenes and will be more of a technical nature than we are aware of.

Latest Update For iPhone.

The latest update for the iPhone version of WhatsApp is going to come in the near future as it appears to be the case that WhatsApp have decided to really give Android users the first chance to use the call feature and to see how well it is taken up and used before opening it up to the iOS system. However, you can expect the next update to be pretty much identical to the Android version, so there is something exciting to look forward to for iPhone owners.

Getting The Free Download.

The best way to get the latest update is to check the appropriate app marketplace or even check out the official WhatsApp website to see what is new and when it is released. This is certainly the safest option for downloading and you will then find that the installation process is straightforward and takes just seconds just as it has always done.

So, what can you expect?

  • Free calls between users on Android.
  • The free calls to come soon for iPhone users.
  • A brand new interface has been introduced.
  • Other updates and changes are more technical in nature, so are not that apparent.

This latest update is different in that it has introduced a major change to WhatsApp rather than subtle changes that make little sense or difference to how people use the app. It is slightly strange that they have decided to hold off with the iOS update for a period of time, but expect this to be rushed forward if people on Android take to the call feature in a big way.

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