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WhatsApp released v2.12.20 for Windows Phone and, which has new awesome features, and one of them is the possibility to share MP3 files. We must warn you that this version is in beta and you shouldn’t get too excited, because it may have some errors that could prevent the application from working properly.

WhatsApp doesn’t have too many Windows Phone users, compared to Android and iOS, but the developers don’t forget to update the version for this platform, every once in a while. A few days ago, on the official page of WhatsApp was uploaded a new beta version for Windows Phone with the option to share MP3 files stored on your device using a dedicated icon, and when you’ll select the right icon, you will be given two options: Audio and Album. If you select the Audio option, you will use a file selector with which you will browse your music library and you’ll choose which MP files you want to share. After sharing them, you have the possibility to forward them again, or to remove them, but you can’t save them. To share videos and photos with your contacts, use the Album option. You will be able to share photos taken with the Lumia Camera v5 application, or any other photos or videos.

The v2.12.20 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone has other changes too, such as the option to use the same color theme as the phone, instead of a green theme. You will be able to select multiple chats and delete/archive them and if the read receipt option bothers you, then you can disable it. This way, your friends won’t know that you’ve read their messages.

The Voice Calling features hasn’t showed up yet on the Windows Phone version, and for now, only the Android and iOS users can make free voice calls all over the world. But, there were rumors about the chances to get this feature in the future, because the developers asked the users of an Italian forum to help them translate some texts related to Voice Calling.

Remember that you have the Web feature in case you want to send messages from your computer, but you will need to install one of these browsers: Firefox, Opera or Chrome and when you see the QR code, open WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to the Web option, then scan the code using the device’s camera.

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