3 Reasons to Update Your Gmail App in Android

The Gmail app has been into the market for a few years now.

With more than a hundred million installations throughout the world, it is a recommended app in the Play Store. Though Google has launched a simplified email management app called Inbox, millions of people are still using Gmail. If you are a hardcore user of the Gmail App, you are probably aware of its speed, convenience and reliability. Recently, Gmail has taken a step further to take its service to the next level. Here are some effective things you will notice in the latest version of Gmail app.

Integrated Platform

The team of Gmail app developers has introduced a remarkable feature in the latest update by merging the email management platforms. As a majority of individuals use multiple email service like Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Outlook.com, the Gmail app has integrated all of them. This means that you do not need to install multiple email management apps anymore. Whether it is Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail, all the accounts can be managed and operated from the Gmail app. Hence, you can check all your mails and respond conveniently from one place.

Improved Layout

Needless to say, the Gmail app developers have ignored the layout, in terms of the modifications, for a long time. In fact, regular users were bored of the simple layout, consisting of mails in a list format along with several options. However, the latest update offers a fresh layout in the Android phones. The app’s appearance has been modified to give it a trendy look and simplified options. Users can now get the feel of using the original desktop version in their Android smartphone.

Convenient Categorization

Google has impressed its existing and prospective users with innovative customizations. For instance, the way the mails are divided into various default categories, like Primary, Promotions and Social, in the desktop version, the latest version has introduced similar customization option in the app version. Users can categorize the mails effectively and look through each of the categories as per their preferences. Furthermore, they can manage multiple accounts from the app in a hassle-free way.

The latest update has accelerated the installation rate of the Gmail app in Android. With reliability of Google backing the app’s performance, it has turned out to be a must-have app in every Android device. Hence, if you need to check mails regularly, you must install the updated version of Gmail app!

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