Is There Anything Missing From Your WhatsApp Download?

When you have an app that has been downloaded a staggering 700 million times, then surely that tells you something about the quality of the program? The WhatsApp download has now become the most popular instant messenger app with it easily surpassing its competitors and after you download and install it you will understand exactly why this is the case.

Some would argue that WhatsApp has been around for some time, so obviously it is going to be the leader, but other similar apps have tried to adopt new strategies in order to gain the number one spot, but all have failed. To be fair, some companies have been quite clever in their approach by including the ability to check prices and to develop the app as some kind of massive Internet portal that serves so many purposes.

However, it is important to remember one thing at all times. The entire idea of WhatsApp is to be able to chat to your friends instantly, so you need to ask yourself as to why you would want to complicate things?

What Is Included In Your WhatsApp Download.

Clearly you have a number of options with this kind of app, but it is useful to look at exactly what you do get with this particular download. Basically, it is a stripped down, stick to basics program where you can chat to people on your contact list, send them short voice recordings, small files, videos, and various emoticons that are just cool to use. That is it. Nothing else.

There are no games. There are no adverts to drive you crazy. There are no gimmicks or the ability to do anything else and do you want to know something? That makes WhatsApp even better as your instant conversations should always be the main reason for you being on this kind of app, so there is no reason for anything else to be on there.

Is There Something Missing?

You can probably guess what is coming next, but the only things that are missing from this app are things that you would not even need in the first place. Any extras are just a waste of time and effort and remember that 700 million people are going to agree here and you only need to look at reviews posted online to see how people simply love WhatsApp.

If you think that it does not supply you with enough, then you are recommended to at least keep it installed on your smartphone because a lot of your contacts are going to be on there and do you want to miss out on chatting to them?

Your WhatsApp download is absolutely free and installing it is also as easy as any other app out there since you follow some basic instructions and your phone does the rest for you. It does not even take up too much power on your phone either, so it works away quite easily and you can enjoy using it. You better get used to their symbol popping up on your screen when you have a message waiting for you because thanks to its popularity that is going to happen a lot.

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