GTA 5 – Helping you be More Prepared for the Surprises Lurking Round Every Corner

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 has been widely acclaimed as one of the top games released in 2013.

It offers an epic adventure, with multiplayer roles. Here are some of the top tips that can help players to get the best out of the game.

Attacks on Security Trucks

It might seem to be a very good and easy means of making money by robbing security trucks. It is easier compared to other heists that are more elaborate and difficult. Yet, you need to be prepared when you plan to break into a security truck. Once you have set off the bomb for opening the truck, you have to keep the gun ready and after taking care of such problems, you can grab the loot and then go ahead on your route. If you stick around at the scene of the crime, you may have to pay a price.

Helping Fellow Men

In case of side missions, you might not get much, but it can still pay off. For instance, if you meet a bike thief, you could shoot them and then take the vehicle and return it to the proper owner. Be prepared to get merely a thank you, but in some cases, you might also get as much as $100,000 worth of stock if he is a wealthy corporate, so you need to use good judgment even in small side missions.

Driving Camera

When you are chasing someone, it is tempting to make use of the secondary camera, as it enables you to focus on the target and his movements. However, it will also result in taking your eyes away from the road, so it could prove a recipe for disaster. It might result in a collision or you could hit a wall, resulting in more distance between you and your target. While following someone, remain on the tail, but use the secondary or follow-camera only if you must in order to survive for longer.

Neat Trick for Landing

When you muse mid air jumps, there is a neat way of controlling the car in the mid air position, as this will help you land better. After coming off the big jump, you can make use of the analog stick on the left in order to twist the vehicle, making it easier to land neatly. There is no point in attempting any mid air stunts, as this would only end in disaster.

Finding Collectibles

GTA 5 has a lot of collectibles that are hidden in the game, such as the UFO pieces and so on, but they may not always be clearly visible. You can use Chop, the dog, for sniffing out these collectibles, so that you can pick them up. All you need to do is to download the free iFruit application and then select the ‘Make Chop Hunt for Pick Ups’ option, so that Chop does the rest.

Getting the Most out of your Firearms

It is important to level up your firearms as soon as possible, as this will enhance the accuracy and improve the ammunition and firing abilities. This can make a big difference during gun battles. Go to Ammu Nation and level up the weapons.

Learn to Relax

Many players consider side activities as something useless, but they can offer a big boost to the character. For example, you could do yoga along with Michael in order to enhance special ability skills. You could also play golf or tennis for relaxing after completing a mission. Such activities also offer a pleasant change from the regular chaos, so give them a try.

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