WhatsApp Download APK And Install for PC, Laptop, Windows and Mac

WhatsApp is loved by all users, not just because its amazing features, but also because it operates on various platforms. It got users hooked right away. And even if you don’t use this app on your mobile device, the good news is that you can install it on your home computer. Let’s go through a few simple ways to set it up.

Set-up BlueStacks – go to  BlueStacks.com first. This will come in handy to make your Android applications function without using them on an actually Android gadget. If you are operating on Windows, then make sure you install the BlueStacks Windows variant, the same thing applies if you are using the Mac version. When you start the installation process, the “App store access” box must be ticked. Then begin the download process. Once it is over, take your time for the quick tour of the UI and after that, the App Store will load up. You have to log in with your Google Account.

How to set-up WhatsApp for the PC:

  • Start off by opening the Google Play Store- click on the magnifying glass( see it in the left corner of the BlueStacks). This command will open the Play Store and once this happens, make sure you accept the conditions and the terms imposed.
  • Look up for WhatsApp- for this you just have to use the magnifying glass once more and write the actual name” WhatsApp” to search for it. Opt for it once you get the results listed.
  • Then you have to set it up. Make sure to click “install” and once you run your eyes over all of the listed conditions, agree to all of them. When the “Accept” button is clicked, the app will shortly be installed on your computer.

Use the APK file instead:

  • In order to do this, you must have the APK file on your app. This is mostly a basic file layout that all Android app installation programs come in. Downloading the file will lead to the BlueStacks set-up. Make sure you double click it.
  • Initiate the App – While in the App Store, start the application by hitting the “Open” symbol on the app’s webpage. If you are on BlueStacks instead, you just have to tap the WhatsApp symbol.
  • The next step is to create an account, start populating your list of contacts and then enjoy WhatsApp on your PC.

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