WhatsApp Download and Install It On Your iPad or iPod Touch

It is actually possible to install WhatsApp on your iPod touch or your iPad without requiring a jailbreak.

You will learn from this article some tricks to install WhatsApp on your Apple devices with the help of a simple application, without a SIM. This method will not take more than 10min, it is the easiest and it works amazing.

Additionally to your iPod touch/ iPad, you will need the following: a Mac/ PC that has iTunes installed, the file manager named iFunBox, which helps managing your files on any iOS device, an iPhone ( you just need it for a couple of minutes, so if you do not have one you can borrow it from one of your friends) and a SIM ( which will have to be inside the iPhone to allow WhatsAPP in the device).

Since a phone number can’t be used for WhatsApp on two devices in the same time, we recommend using a SIM that isn’t synced to an existing WhatsApp account.

1. First, you have to download Whatsapp on your PC/ Mac

Go and search in the iTunes Store for the WhatsApp iPhone version and then download it for free.

The file for installation (.IPA) is going to be downloaded to you PC and you can find it as it follows: Music à iTunesà iTunes Mediaà  Mobile Applications, and you can simply drag it to your Desktop.

2. After the you have the installation file, install the App for your iPad

Firstly you have to download the iFunBox open and then connect it your iPad. Press on Install App., and then select the .IPA file on your desktop and the app will finally be installed on your iPad. After this you should disconnect it from your PC.

3. Authorize the App

Install the latest variant of WhatsApp on your iPhone, with a SIM that isn’t already connected to an account of WhatsApp. If you already have this app on your device, you have to remove it and install it again. Before you remove it, you should make a backup for your chats on iCloud. Open the app and go in Settings to Chat to Backup chat and then press on Backup Now.

For instance, use a SIM card that you no longer use, but it still is good to get a text message with the code of authorizing the app, or you can use the SIM of your friend or your relative who does not have the WhatsApp tied to that number.

You need that SIM only for this process, and then, you can return it to its owner.

Open WhatsApp and register the phone number with the code that you’ve got through the text message, and after that you can close the app.

4. Transfer the authorization to your iPad

Connect you phone to the PC/ Mac. Go in iFunBox and select User Application that press on WhatsApp. Copy to the desktop the folders: Documents and Library.

Connect your iPad again to the PC after disconnecting the iPhone, and go in User Applications to Whatsapp open it again, and insert there the two folders copied earlier on the desktop.

Afterwards, the authorization will be on your iPad/ iPod touch.

5. Start using WhatsApp on your device

If you have followed these certain steps presented above, then the WhatsApp should work fine on your iPad.

Using WhatsApp on iPad/ iPod touch is pretty great and easy.  You are able to surf the web, chat with your friends, or work at the same handset.

If you are using an iPod and you rich an area with Wi-Fi internet connection, this music player will become allegedly an iPhone, due to WhatsApp that enables you to receive voice calls.


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